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Main types of consulting services

The most common types of consulting services are:
  • Financial consulting - services are provided to organisations and companies which help to adjust the efficiency of financial management.
  • Management consulting - strategic planning services are provided to senior managers and employees in the fields as economic management, finances, investment, etc. which help to increase the efficiency of the company.
  • Accounting services - business evaluation, information and consulting work, accounting and external financial analysis, workflow optimization. Accounting consultants assist at maintaining accounting records and, if necessary, their recovery.
  • Fiscal services - assistance in accordance with the tax legislation. Fiscal consulting services also include tax optimization and tax policy planning, judicial protection, advice on negative consequences of violations. The company’s tax system is adopted as well as a complex of measures on tax planning is recommended.
  • Legal services - effective solution of current problems and avoidance of new ones. Assistance at building a strategy for further development of the organization in the situation of constant legislation changes. Legal consultants provide necessary assistance at registration and sale of operating companies, development of contractual policy of the organization and internal documents formation.
  • Management services – consultants help identify weaknesses of the business policies, direct and coordinate the growth of the organization in the right way. This type of consulting services reveals reasons for low sales, stagnation in development, or any other problems. This allows defining a number of anti-crisis measures. Management consultancy also includes business plans of commercial and investment projects. Financial and economic planning help the enterprise reach a new level in its development.

We offer

Management consulting

  • business development and optimization
  • business transformation
  • crisis management

Financial consulting

  • accounting and fiscal accounting
  • accounting optimisation and budgeting
  • assessment and analysis of the company’s financial performance

Investment consulting

  • development and support of capital investment projects in manufacturing industry and construction
  • search for investors